Natacha and Tony - Founders

My Portuguese soul makes me feel very loose to the rhythms of the new world. I got involved with music and dance from Brazil for the excitement, the exotic colours and costumes, all culminating in a fusion of Africa, Europe and Latin America. My life has gone from being a samba fun lover to organising dance and musical extravaganzas in Europe, Asia and Africa...

I started Yes !!! Brazil dance group almost 20 years ago. As a Latin American Dance troupe we travelled and performed extensively through the UK and internationally to India, Dubai, Bahiran, Oman, Kazkistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Jordan, Israel, Singapore, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, France, Portugal, Croatia, Georgia, Greece to name a but a few. We have performed exclusively for members of the British and Monaco Royal Families and gained world acclaim for our performances. It wasn't long before I extended the group to include a live band, singers and DJ. Throughout this time, I have always maintained the highest levels of professionalism and integrity in all my ventures. This has been achieved by being personally involved in all aspects of the business, whether in the office looking after the administration, in the studio designing and creating our elaborate costumes, rehearsing with the band or choreographing new routines.